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Very Disappointed      John Sidney McCain III      Very Disappointed

Hillary Clinton

April Ryan

 John Kerry

Rashida Tlaib

Huge Dumb Ass >   Hank Johnson   < Huge Dumb Ass

You know: The Hank Johnson that said Guam might tip over and that everyone that voted for our great president was an alcoholic, uneducated, broke and such. Dumb Ass...................

Maxine Waters

Rod Rosenstein

Robert Mueller

Robert Deniro


LeBron James

Nancy Pelosi

Eric Holder

Chuck Schumer

and so many more.

Did I Say media? The media is just a pack of liars.

Get off my President.

We know who is corrupt.

Thieving Congress .com       Lacking Integrity .com 

The wicked will fall by their own wickedness.

Psalm: 94:23

Proverbs 11:5

Jeremiah: 2: 19

Jeremiah: 44: 9


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Vote for the ones that will support our president.

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